Why Denihan?

With deeply experienced top level executives and three generations of family leadership in the service and hotel sectors, Denihan offers a uniquely personal, guest-centric approach to hospitality and a fully integrated and cross disciplinary operating platform.

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We consider ourselves solution-providers. We look at solutions to what a market/property dictates, as opposed to what rigid brand standards dictate. We seek like-minded real estate partners with whom we can deploy our brands and hotel management solutions to drive real estate value.

Denihan’s comprehensive infrastructure and operating platform creates real estate value and sets the stage for exceptional guest experiences, which drives strong loyalty.

Denihan’s experience in repositioning, renovation and operating proficiency enables the company to compete for non-traditional assets and create value and opportunities, giving the company a competitive edge over buyers seeking conventional and branded hotels.

Focused underwriting, driven by appropriate market positioning and supported by Denihan’s experienced operations team, ensures new additions perform as envisioned to earn attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

Denihan works with its partners to deliver favorable deal structures and terms to maximize asset value.